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You ready with your project but looking for funds? 

Co-Production Market is a place where new film projects are nurtured. The Second Diorama Film Bazaar hosts a three-day-long Co-Production Market. Scores of experienced international producers, film financiers, and film distributors, as well as representatives from funding bodies and sales agents, initiate international co-productions. The event takes place alongside the Diorama International Film Festival in the same complex.

The Diorama Film Bazaar has invited Location Managers, Tourism Boards, acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, OTT platforms, festival directors, financier, film commissioners, producers, writers, film institutes, studios from over 50 countries along with the motion picture and television industry service providers. The apex body of all film making associations, organizations and the Indian Film Institute, The Film Federation of India is supporting the event. The event takes place alongside the Diorama International Film Festival in the same complex.


You can now submit your projects.

The Diorama Co-Production Market shall select only 10 projects this year having potential for possible co-production, finance, and an international release. You can now submit your projects. 


•    International Producers
•    Gap Funding Producers
•    Co-Production Partners
•    Representatives from funding bodies.
•    Film Financiers
•    Film Distributors
•    Sales Agents
•    Film Festival Directors/Programmers
•    Experienced Film Directors
•    Content Buyers
•    Film Acquisition Executives
•    International Film Commissioners
•    Film Equipment Providers

$150 or INR 12,000
(+1 Market Badge)

This badge entitles filmmaker to pitch his project to Producers and Distributors in the market, one on one meetings, Trailer on Diorama's Distribution platform, online access via Networking platform.

This badge includes 1x Market Badge.

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The production companies from around the world can submit projects for which they are seeking co-production partners.


The Diorama Co-Production Team shall select only 10 high-quality projects and present these to the Financiers, Producers, Distributors, Sales Agents attending the Diorama Film Bazaar, around three-four weeks before the festival. Participants may get one-on-one meetings with the Producers of the selected projects.


In addition to the pre-scheduled meetings with the selected projects, companies and film funds, which the registered participants can request in November, they can choose from a variety of programme offers.


Orientation Session:

Renowned Producers, Director's brief the participants on the opportunities available globally and the choices of possible roadmaps to realize the film projects.


Mentoring Sessions:

Each selected participant is allowed to spend time with highly experienced Producers for films, Film Financiers, International Film Producers, Top Studio Executives, Film Fund Representatives, Film Commissioners from various countries, Film Directors, Film Festival Directors/Programmers, etc on a one to one basis from various streams of the film business, aimed at guiding and supporting the film project to its realization.


Knowledge Series:

Theme Workshops, Master Classes, Talks and panels on current production, financing and technical matters offer a chance to exchange ideas with experts and other participants to the participants.


Country Sessions:

At the Country Sessions, Film Commissioners, Government Officials provide information about production conditions and co-production, cash rebate, tax incentive opportunities in various countries through structured Presentations.

Quick Matching:


At Quick Matching sessions, participating producers can develop new contacts during informal ten-minute meetings to widen their contact sphere and brighten the chances of funding of the film project.


  • Access to Co-Production Market & Meetings

  • Project Certificate

  • Access to Diorama Film Bazaar

  • Access to Market Lounges

  • Full Access to Festival & Market Screenings

  • Festival Bag & Kit

  • Director’s Badge

  • Access to The First Cut Screenings (Viewing Room)

  • Access to Networking Lunches

  • Invite for Opening & Closing Ceremony of the Festival

  • Project Listing in the Official Catalogue


Registered participants are required to fill 'Diorama Co-Production Market Form 2020' sent by Diorama Film Bazaar

  1. Your application must be submitted in the English language only, regardless of the final language of the film.

  2. Signed Certificate from the applicant that he/ she agrees to film’s participation in the Diorama Film Bazaar.

  3. Once the project is selected shortlisted participants will be asked to send their scripts (with dialogues, 90 – 100 pages). 

  4. Once the project is selected, either the Producer or the Director of the project must be present for all three days of the Co-Pro Market.

  5. Multiple projects can be submitted, but each project has to be submitted individually. Only one project of either the Director or the Producer will be selected.

  6. Applications shall be processed only after receipt of application fee.

  7. Accommodation, Travel/Airfare of participants will be at their own expense.

  8. In case of international applicants, Diorama shall issue the Invitation Letters to the Applicant required to procure the necessary conference/business visa on his/her own. Diorama, however, will provide all the necessary documents for the same. 

  9. The Co-Pro Film Market recognizes only the Director(s) and Producer(s) mentioned in the application form as project representatives who will be allowed to be present at Co-Pro Market, and feature in the catalogue. Any removal or replacement in the team after selection will disqualify the project.

  10. The maximum number of representatives per project who can attend one-on-one meetings is limited to two.

  11. The information on the application form cannot be edited once submitted.

  12. The decision of the Director, Diorama Film Bazaar on the selection of an application will be final and binding.

  13. The Diorama Film Bazaar reserves the right to invite a project.

  14. The Diorama Film Bazaar reserves the right to change Terms & Conditions of the programs without prior intimation.

  15. The applicant has to send the complete Script, Powerpoint/video pitch (in support of the submitted project for presentation) within the one week of notification to Diorama Film Bazaar. 

  16. Materials required at the time of project Submission:
    - Synopsis (1000 words max.)
    - Treatment of the film (400 words max.)
    - Budget Outline & Financing Plan 
    - Proof of Funds in hand (Any One the following: Bank Statement, Letter of Intent, Letter of Commitment from Funding Agencies, Letter of Guarantee)
    - Director's Photo (500KB Max)
    - Producer's Photo (500KB Max)
    - Project Poster in High Quality (If Available)
    - Cast-Crew details (Confirmations shall help your case)

  17. Rights of admission reserved to Diorama Film Bazaar. 

Funding for film is always an important and crucial part of filmmaking and at Diorama Film Bazaar you will meet potential co producer for film and finding finance for film will be an exciting journey.

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