Fear Is The Key

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

List of films in 'Special Section - Fear Is The Key' films of Diorama International Film Festival 2019

A Night In Hell directed by Nikos Kourous

A Night In Hell (Mia Nychta Stin Kolasi) directed by Nikos Kourous (82 Mins / Modern Greek / Greece / 2019 / Fear Is The Key)

A heavy curse rains down upon a small provincial village. Every fifty years, a monster appears and terrorizes its inhabitants, sowing seeds of disaster, and spreading evil spirits among them. The ruler of the village, Stasinos, a ruthless and perverted man who has taken advantage of this situation by taking the fields of the inhabitants in a treacherous way, now has them work as slaves on their own land. Artemis, in an attempt to obstruct Stasinos' plans, relied on the law, and has kept his property and exploits it himself. Stasinos often tries to neutralize him, but Artemis continues to resist the dirty intrigue set by Stasinos and also decides to drive the monster out of the village with the help of an old woman and a crazy old man, the only remaining survivors of those who had successfully managed to hunt the monster when it had appeared a previous time, fifty years ago.

Crypt directed by Vahid Zarrabinasab

Crypt, directed by Vahid Zarrabinasab (82 Mins / Persian / Iran/ 2018 / Fear Is The Key)

According to the ancient tradition, in one of the central Iran villages who faced with intensive drought, the village elders decide to perform the tradition of Qanat Bride (is a gently sloping underground channel to transport water from an aquifer or water well to surface for irrigation and drinking). Tradition in which a virgin girl marries Qanat and every week she rinses herself with Qanat water till Qanat gets fertile. But she remains unmarried to the end of her life.

Séance directed by Johannes Franke

Sance directed by Johannes Franke (25 Mins / German / Germany / 2019 / Fear Is The Key)

Mentalist Erik Svenson and his medium Eva Brandt specialize in classic ghost summons for private and social occasions. Although Eva seems to have been exhausted for weeks now, Erik drags her from one séance to the next, since their performances have turned out to be a lucrative business. On this evening their job leads them to Jochen Buchholz, who has inherited the house of his grandmother and wants to surprise some of his friends with a true ghost summon. They are skeptical, expect a harmless trick show off and a fun evening. Given the unsettling energies in the house, Eva is increasingly insecure, whether the seance at this strange place is a good idea.

Stranger directed by Dmitriy Tomashpolsky

Stranger (Сторонній) directed by Dmitriy Tomashpolsky (94 Mins / Ukrainian / Ukraine / 2019 / Fear Is The Key)

A synchronized swimming team has disappeared in the swimming pool during a performance. A patient of a water-therapy clinic has disappeared while taking a bath. How are these cases connected and how does a doll with real hair relate to it? An inspector with no unsolved cases will have to investigate that. She will also have to find out who she really is.

The Dark Cinema directed by Pyae Zaw Phyo

The Dark Cinema directed by Pyae Zaw Phyo (105 Mins / Burmese / Myanmar / 2019 / Fear Is The Key)

Four filmmaker friends rent a once-grand but long decommissioned cinema in the outskirts of a rural town for the traveling film festival that they are organizing. The cinema is steeped in a dark and horrific history that they are not fully aware of.

They are joined by Riya, a foreign NGO worker from India, who has a unique sensitivity to paranormal occurrences and ghostly presences. In freakish out-of-season heavy downpours, they are holed up in the cinema as electricity and lines of communications are cut out. One of them accidentally smears with blood from his open wound on a magical tablet that is laced with curses that he discovers. And paranormal activities born out of curses from the past begin to terrorize the hapless gang.

Together, they have to muster their courage, resort to their practical knowledge, depending only on each other, and face the relentless evil of the cursed cinema. Or they will face unspeakable, horrific consequences that this unforgiving place lashes out at them.

The White Devil directed by Ignacio Rogers

The White Devil (El Diablo Blanco) directed by Ignacio Rogers (87 Mins / Spanish / Argentina / 2019 / Fear Is The Key)

A camping trip for a group of friends turns into an unexpected nightmare when one of them encounters a mysterious stranger.

Tlamatinimes The Lords Of Thunder directed by André Andrade

Tlamatinimes The Lords Of Thunder (Tlamatinimes Los Señores Del Rayo) directed by André Andrade (97 Mins / Spanish / Mexico / 2019 / Fear Is The Key)

A young father conflicted with his past and indigenous identity seeks to rescue his four-year-old daughter, who disappeared in supernatural circumstances. The father will have to return to his village to learn from his past and from the magical world.

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