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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

First list of films in International Diorama - International Competition for Feature Films at Diorama International Film Festival 2019

Lebendig (Alive) directed by M Siebert

Lebendig (Alive) directed by M Siebert (Germany, 94 mins, 2019,IC)

Sophie and Wolfram, both theater actors, want to spend their last days together. They share a fate. Diagnosed with cancer Sophie wants to end her life on her terms. In her apartment the two share intimate and tender moments.

Wolfram leaves behind his daughters to explore the gentle love to Sophie. She lies to her friends about her condition at a dinner party to have one last life affirming evening. Uli her best friend promises to bring the life ending medication during the next days.

With ups and downs in the days of waiting, through the power of her imagination; Sophie takes Wolfram to the stage one last time before breaking down in her apartment.

(Para Além Da Memória) Beyond Memory, directed by Miguel Babo

(Para Além Da Memória) Beyond Memory, directed by Miguel Babo (Portugal 109 mins, 2019,IC)

Faced with his brother's death under suspicious circumstances, Alexandre, a successful writer, is faced with the need of protecting his mother and family home. Memories linger of his mother's suffering during her battle with Alzheimer's. Father of three daughters from two failed marriages, Alexandre calls upon the help of a friend, a government minister, to help him deal with his brother's compromising debts, including the loss of the family home, which he left behind him. Revelations show that the debts are to an individual who has relations with some top-ranking officials from the Portuguese and Angolan governments.

I Married My Mother, directed by Domenico Costanzo

I Married My Mother, directed by Domenico Costanzo (Italy, 84 mins, 2019,IC)

Saverio shares his affection between his family, composed by his wife Anna and their daughters, with whom he has a conflicting relationship, and his mother Rosa. When the latter falls ill with Alzheimer’s disease, her life is turned upside down and her family relationships worsen. But something positive happens “from above”, when he finds the love letters that his father wrote to Rosa before their engagement. It is precisely this epistolary relationship, and Giulia, the entertainer of the assisted health residence where his mother resides, to call into play her life and that of her family ... because love is in the soul and the soul does not die.

Iliana, directed by Vladimir Koyfman

Iliana, directed by Vladimir Koyfman

(Russia,107 mins,2019,IC)

Feodor, a famous art patron and collector, meets Iliana at the opening of a gallery exhibition. Charmed by Iliana’s ethereal beauty, sophistication, and intellect, a casual tet-a-tet in front of the painting “A Polyanitsa’s Smile”* , becomes the sudden parallel to their newly merged fate. Years later, a er married life has taken its toll, Iliana confesses to Feodor about peculiar events that led to their former husband’s death, one that she herself observed. This out of the blue confession, in addition to a sudden shift in her personality and increasingly odd behavior, puts Feodor on edge. With their relationship having already become distant and Feodor’s interest in the marriage having waned, Iliana’s confession gives him reason to suspect that she might know about his numerous love affairs. does she know? What is she a er? What will she do? Feodor’s curious nature is more torturous than alarming as to Ilana’s plans. Iliana invites their mutual friends, Igor and Margarita, over for a casual dinner at home. During dinner we discover that Margarita is just one of a myriad number of Feodor’s lovers. What will happen at dinner? Who’s set up surveillance cameras in Feodor’s home to watch as the situation unfolds?

MS.Purple, directed by Justin Chon

MS.Purple, directed by Justin Chon

(South Korea,87 mins,2019,IC)

A young woman who works as a karaoke hostess in Koreatown reconnects with her estranged brother in the final days of their father's life.

Mystic Shrine Maiden, directed by Takeshi Sone

Mystic Shrine Maiden, directed by Takeshi Sone

(Japan,70 mins,2019,IC)

Toko works as a shrine maiden. Her days are full of joy as she would be called out by the village people to play or sometimes simply savor time with nothing spectacular to do. One day, Toko finds out that the village festival which she has been waiting with great anticipation will be cancelled due to an old superstition. Toko who wants to make the festival happen starts preparations against the advice of the villagers. Events unfold in an unexpected direction when she meets a strange little girl by the lake

Nelly, directed by Marco Estrada Goya

Nelly, directed by Marco Estrada Goya

(Mexico,93 mins,2019,IC)

Nelly and Alex, a couple that reunites, fortuitously, after two years of separation. They both are convinced that they are required to settle their outstanding issues in order to move on with their lives. Slowly, they get into a battle between their grudges and their regrets accumulated in their souls. A sickly love, a constant fight between passion, love and hate that face each other and from which there can only be a winner.

Pomni Nash Tanets (Remember Our Dance) directed by Nariman Turebayev

Pomni Nash Tanets (Remember Our Dance) directed by Nariman Turebayev

(Kazakhstan,89 mins,2019,IC)

He used to be one of the biggest authorities in his country. But he lost everything and was forced to escape. And now he needs to go through just one night in Paris, in a cramped apartment, in order to go to his son the next morning. Being frightened, he decides to call his best and almost forgotten friend. And this night seems to be very long.

The Letter Box, directed by Rahman Mani

The Letter Box, directed by Rahman Mani

(Bangladesh,90 mins,2019,IC)

Ambar Ali is a 45 years old lonely village postmaster who has many old memories inside the letterbox in front of his office. He only likes people who are full of life and happiness, and dislikes miserable people. To him, those who have a hard and tough life are responsible for their own situation. So, he often plays a psychological game with those who carry heavy burdens and he usually attains enjoyment from it. One day he was transferred to the head post office in the city and without any notice, his only companion, the letterbox, was taken

Your Honour, directed by Andre Puustusmaa

Your Honour, directed by Andre Puustusmaa

(Estonia,95 mins,2019,IC)

The Judge is a man who represents strict rules and laws in the courtroom. However, his own personal life is an absolute mess. After the judge makes a decision to give a long prison sentence to a woman, the woman’s brother starts following the judge to change his mind about the verdict. The judge stays adamant. The verdict is final. Conflict takes place between the men, resulting in the judge suddenly becoming a criminal himself. Unable to confess his crime, the judge escapes to Finland. Here his journey begins.

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