1st list of films in 'Shorts Diorama' films of Diorama International Film Festival

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

CODA Directed by Lee Hsiang-Chun (Taiwan,25 Mins,2019,Shorts Diorama)

“Tien-Sheng”, a teenager who was born in a deaf family, was learning dancing due to the expectation of his parents. Struggling with his gradual deterioration of hearing, he chose to escape from reality instead of telling his mother…

DIRTY LAUNDRY Directed by Maxim Bessemertny (Portugal / 9 Mins 20 Sec / Shorts Diorama)

In Coloane village, two roommates try to get rid of a damaged washing machine only to find out how difficult this task may be. Only when they are about to give up does the golden opportunity arise.

EAVES DROPPER directed by Ahmet Tojac

EAVES DROPPER directed by Ahmet Tojac (Turkey, 23 Mins, 2019, Shorts Diorama)

Selamet, who is working at the old center of a company which is on the eve of moving to a big center, waits for the time when his transfer will take place and he spends his days listening to the phone calls of people he doesn't even know. He tries to make his life similar to a stranger on the phone by discovering his closeness to that person.

EVERYBODY KNOWS Directed by Siddhartha Nuni (Estonia /7 minutes 16 seconds/ 2019/Shorts Diorama)

A young girl returns home to her village from the city life to face her past and the present.

EVERYTHING THAT IS MINE IS YOURS Directed by Sofie Gällerspång (Sweden/7 minutes 14 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

The story follows a young man in his struggle against sorrow, lack and a broken heart.

FAHRER- THE DRIVER Directed by James Caley (Germany/11 minutes 49 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

This futuristic cyberpunk thriller is set ten years from now in an inter-connected future where everyone is implanted with an internal messaging and tracking system. Vivien wants to escape but how can she when someone always knows exactly where she is?

FEVER QUEEN Directed by Nick Cotrufo (United States/7 minutes 30 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

In a hallucinatory world of quiet chaos, a young couple is haunted in their home by a myriad of restless souls.

FUGGIRO TANO AMORE directed by Raúl Lorite

FUGGIRO TANO AMORE directed by Raúl Lorite (Spain, 9 Mins, 2019, Shorts Diorama)

Diana and Álex are two music students in a conservatory. One afternoon they meet at her place to prepare for an audition. The unexpected presence of Diana’s boyfriend, Héctor, is disturbing for Álex.

GRASSHOPPER Directed by Vladimir Karpychev (Ukraine/10 minutes/2019/shorts diorama)

GREY TOWN Directed by Rishikeshwar Yogi (India/Telegu/27 minutes 51 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

An ageing gangster is facing the revenge of his side kick whom he had cheated upon a murder.

HANS IM PECH - HAPLESS HANS directed by Rena Dumont

HANS IM PECH - HAPLESS HANS directed by Rena Dumont (Germany / 29 Mins / 2019, Shorts Diorama)