2nd list of films in 'Shorts Diorama' films of Diorama International Film Festival

AT HOME Directed by Luisina Anderson (Argentina/11 minutes 20 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

One summer morning, Camila, 12 years old, is alone at her house with her friend, Micaela. They are being looked after by Sofia, Camila´s elder sister, but she remains asleep. The girls get breakfast, watch videos, rehearse a choreography, and play in the house, while on tv a news program investigates a femicide. Camila pays attention to it at times, and wonders who the killer was. A threat grows between the house walls, and in their games restlessness develops.

17/70/74 Directed by Matija Munjiza Petrović (Serbia/6 minutes 21 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

At an ordinary place a young man finds magic, that changes his life.

24 TRUTHS Directed by Selim Gribaa ( Tunisia/13 minutes 43 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

Asma Beji, a young psychoanalyst, sees entering at her practice Mourad, a young filmmaker who can’t carry out his first movie. His problem is that he has difficulties feeling the emo- tions a movie can trigger.

30K AN OUNCE Directed by Sagar Singh Sivaraman (Thailand/16 minutes 50 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

On his way back to his girlfriend’s place, Tony encounters the worst possible scenario at the worst possible time.

A CELEBRATION Directed by Mahsa Razavi ( Canada/10 minutes 46 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

A Celebration is a short drama about 8-year-old Ada​ who tries to convince her newly immigrated mother to celebrate Thanksgiving by cooking a turkey. However, when Ada sets to celebrate Thanksgiving like a “true Canadian”, she discovers what it means to be an immigrant family.This is also the story of a young girl’s struggle to dissociate herself from the protecting identity of her mother in order to recreate her identity in a land other than her motherland. Through this story, I want to explore the narrative Ada’s search for identity, which will be told in the context of the human condition of a generation of young immigrant families who live in the margins of society and search for a better life and place in the world.

A DAY OF RAIN Directed by Julio Godefroy ( Mexico/17 minutes 43 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

"A day of rain" unites a man and a woman in the entrance of a building trying to protect themselves from an unexpected downpour. Both characters, animated by the atmosphere of the rain, begin a conversation that slowly leads them to open their lives, both seem to be exiled and under this assumption, establish a connection of great empathy that may or may not allow them to build a future together.

ALEXIA Directed by Martin Basile ( Italy/7 minutes/2019/shorts diorama)

A man finds out that his housekeeping android Alexia, instead of going to the supermarket, is seeing someone.

BARBERRY Directed by Adilet Baktybekov (Kyrgyzstan/14 minutes 44 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

The film describes children who are collecting barberry. Friendship and grudges between these young boys show how they are overcoming and fighting the challenges of life.

BHANUMOTI Directed by Asif Ul Islam (Bangladesh/5 minutes 57 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

A little girl accidentally breaks a valuable showpiece of there house. Then something strange happened to her mind.

BRIDGE Directed by vahid hassanzadeh ( Iran, Islamic/14 minutes 50 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

Roya, an urban girl who had failed in a relationship with her boss, get out of her boss’s car on a bridge. An old man who notice her, assumes that she wants to kill herself. When the old man is gone, Roya decides to pretend a suicide to gets attention of people whom she knows, but no one cares. Until a young delivery bike changes her point of view towards life.