• shrey rajvanshi

2nd list of films in 'Shorts Diorama' films of Diorama International Film Festival

AT HOME Directed by Luisina Anderson (Argentina/11 minutes 20 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

One summer morning, Camila, 12 years old, is alone at her house with her friend, Micaela. They are being looked after by Sofia, Camila´s elder sister, but she remains asleep. The girls get breakfast, watch videos, rehearse a choreography, and play in the house, while on tv a news program investigates a femicide. Camila pays attention to it at times, and wonders who the killer was. A threat grows between the house walls, and in their games restlessness develops.

17/70/74 Directed by Matija Munjiza Petrović (Serbia/6 minutes 21 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

At an ordinary place a young man finds magic, that changes his life.

24 TRUTHS Directed by Selim Gribaa ( Tunisia/13 minutes 43 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

Asma Beji, a young psychoanalyst, sees entering at her practice Mourad, a young filmmaker who can’t carry out his first movie. His problem is that he has difficulties feeling the emo- tions a movie can trigger.

30K AN OUNCE Directed by Sagar Singh Sivaraman (Thailand/16 minutes 50 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

On his way back to his girlfriend’s place, Tony encounters the worst possible scenario at the worst possible time.

A CELEBRATION Directed by Mahsa Razavi ( Canada/10 minutes 46 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

A Celebration is a short drama about 8-year-old Ada​ who tries to convince her newly immigrated mother to celebrate Thanksgiving by cooking a turkey. However, when Ada sets to celebrate Thanksgiving like a “true Canadian”, she discovers what it means to be an immigrant family.This is also the story of a young girl’s struggle to dissociate herself from the protecting identity of her mother in order to recreate her identity in a land other than her motherland. Through this story, I want to explore the narrative Ada’s search for identity, which will be told in the context of the human condition of a generation of young immigrant families who live in the margins of society and search for a better life and place in the world.

A DAY OF RAIN Directed by Julio Godefroy ( Mexico/17 minutes 43 seconds/2019/shorts diorama)

"A day of rain" unites a man and a woman in the entrance of a building trying to protect themselves from an unexpected downpour. Both characters, animated by the atmosphere of the rain, begin a conversation that slowly leads them to open their lives, both seem to be exiled and under this assumption, establish a connection of great empathy that may or may not allow them to build a future together.

ALEXIA Directed by Martin Basile ( Italy/7 minutes/2019/shorts diorama)

A man finds out that his housekeeping android Alexia, instead of going to the supermarket, is seeing someone.